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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Game 3

AP - Ballard, WA

The Fog returned to the diamond last night, facing Casey Warren. Like all teams in the Loyal Heights A League, the opponent and their skill is unknown. As the visiting team, the Fog managed to put two runners on base, but they were left stranded when Nate flew out to right field.

Joe took the mound again for the Fog and proceeded to retire Casey 1-2-3, including what would be a reoccurring them, two of them on fly balls. The Fog started the scoring action in the 2nd, with 5 of 6 batters reach base safely. Houser drove in the first run, Ben followed with a rbi single, then Peter cleared the bases with a 3-run bomb. Fog 5 Casey 0.

Casey got two back in the bottom of the second, again two of the three outs were via air to the outfield. The Fog played add on with 3 more in the 3rd, including Graeme's third HR of the season - Graeme now has a OPS of 2.500 and a Slugging Percentage of 1.8000. Graeme is almost half way to his own Fog record of 7 regular season home runs, and he is now tied with Mike Carlson with 15 home runs since the 2001 season. Casey was unable to keep pace in the third, and again two more fly outs.

The Fog plated one more in the 4th, though Casey pushed across 3 in their half to trail 9 to 5 going into the 5th. Casey failed to score again and the Fog sealed their victory with a 3 spot in the top of the 7th for a 12-5 victory.

It was during Casey's half to he 4th, when they scored 3 runs, that the Fog almost lost catcher Steve Boyd. With two runners on base, Casey hit a drive over Aaron's head in right center. Just as the Fog practiced, Aaron fired a strike to his cutoff man, Graeme, and from the grass, Graeme fired a strike to home. The runner was just rounding third when Graeme let loose and though the ball was up the line, the throw was going to beat the runner, the one problem - they would be arriving at just about the same spot. As Boyd reached from the throw, one eye spied the runner, and the ball glanced off his glove. Gone was the first chance for a runner at home.

Other Notes: Joe retired a Fog record 12 batters on fly balls to the outfield, including 6 alone to left fielder Derek. Way to keep your outfield involved. Likewise, for the third consecutive game, Joe was hit by a line drive. Following the shot off his foot, Nolte's favorite umpire, Howie, asked if he was okay, Joe replied "Don't worry, it's a prosthetic."

The Fog 2006 Regular Season Stats
Player AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI BB SO SF GIDP AVG Total Bases Slugging Percentage On-base Percentage OPS
Graeme Hanson 10 4 7
1 3 8

0.700 18 1.800 0.700 2.500
Derek Kensinger 9 2 6


0.667 6 0.667 0.600 1.267
Peter Watson 8 5 5 1
1 5 1

0.625 9 1.125 0.667 1.792
Aaron Sorenson 8 3 5

1 5

0.625 8 1.000 0.556 1.556
Joe Gerlitz 5 1 3

1 5

0.600 6 1.200 0.500 1.700
Ben Byrd 9 2 5


0.556 5 0.556 0.556 1.111
Brent Amsbary 9 2 4


0.444 4 0.444 0.444 0.889
Nate Watson 10 3 4

0.400 6 0.600 0.400 1.000
Matt Cook 5 0 2

1 1

0.400 2 0.400 0.500 0.900
Will Stroud 8 3 3

3 1

0.375 3 0.375 0.444 0.819
Eric Nolte 9 5 3

0 2

0.333 3 0.333 0.455 0.788
Dan Houser 9 4 3 1


0.333 4 0.444 0.333 0.778
Steve Boyd 10 2 2


0.200 2 0.200 0.182 0.382


Blogger Small Fish said...

Did Peter's 3 run bomb fly over a fence or was it a sharply hit grounder that went throught the wickets of the left-center fielder? If it flew over a fence, was that particular fence more than 225 feet from home plate? Just trying to picture it in my head.

10:40 AM  
Blogger nhw said...

The home run, referred here after as the 'Shot' was a blast that flew over the left center fielders head. The fence for the field is approx 350 ft. Though it did not clear the fence, it almost rolled to it.

Here's the mental image. Prior to the game, I was creating the batting order. I only had 11 guys but I knew we had 12, so I double checked it and realized I had forgotten Peter. I said to Peter, sorry but I forgot you when I was doing the lineup so I'm going to bat you last. He said, no problem, that's were you bat power anyways. Fast forward to the 2nd inning, runners on 1st and 2nd, Peter wearing his trademark calf high red socks crowds the plate. After taking the first pitch for a ball - the count was 2-1 (we start with a 1-1 count), he took the second for a strike, then on the third pitch drove the flight restricted pelota over the outfielders head. He scored standing up, the shortstop didn't even bother with a relay to home.

10:46 AM  
Blogger PRW said...

Point of Clarification: The red socks are knee high...I wear them because I have a terrible case of varicose veins!

11:13 AM  
Blogger Small Fish said...

I've seen the red socks. They actually have a nice thinning effect.

9:32 PM  

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