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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

Since moms like sports so much, I thought I'd post my latest musings on minivans, the Mariners, ironing, and other surprises.

1. Here's to my mom, Julie Simmonds. Thanks for the tips on how to properly iron a shirt, for giving me and all my goofball high school buddies a fun place to hang out when we could have been getting into trouble, and for wiping my snotty nose when I was three. You're an amazing woman.

2. Poll: Which is the most surprising stat to you so far this big league season?

A. Albert Pujols/19 HR and 47 RBI?
B. Roger Clemens/0 IP?
C. Kenny Rogers and Mike Mussina/6 W?
D. Adrian Beltre/9 SB?

3. The NBA playoffs are happening right now. In the words of Matt Foley, "Whoop-dee frickin' doo!"

4. I was trying to put together a list of great sports moms, and all I could come up with was Mama McNabb. I also recall Larry Johnson dressing up like his grandma for some TV commercials back in the early 90's. And although I've never never seen nor heard of her, I personally want to acknowledge the mother of John McEnroe. I can only imagine what life was like for you when your son was a teenager.

5. Speaking of amazing women, my wife is pretty much the coolest mom to ever drive a minivan. And for all you minivan haters out there, just remember how "cool" you are when you find yourself trying to load three kids, eight bags of groceries, and an Ikea bedframe into your sweet '97 Toyota Camry.

6. Seattle fans ought to be proud of what the Mariners (17-22) have managed to put together this season. The pitching has been a pleasant surprise, Johjima has been as advertised, and the youngsters have made solid contributions. The obvious problem is right in the middle of the lineup, where Richie Sexson and Adrian Beltre have combined for a whopping 6 HR's and are both hovering around the Mendoza line. Considering the fact that these guys flat-out stink right now, 3.5 games out of first isn't too shabby.


Blogger jholderman said...

I'll say the biggest surprise is the Moose and old man Rogers posting six spots this early in the season. I might even throw Tom Glavine into that mix. It's all the more impressive because these guys aren't forty year olds they are wheeling in from the bullpen to pitch to a lefty, they're getting the job done at the front end.
In regards to the playoffs, I echo your sentiments. Thanks for checking in guys, see you next year.
And pertaining to the M's, I've gotta say that I'm actually pretty hopeful for this year. I no longer feel like two runs is an insurmountable lead, and with Jose Lopez playing like Booney back in 2001, I like our chances. Sexson will come around, Beltre probably won't, but if our starting pitching can be a little more consistent and give us some inning so we don't have to witness the Bobby Livingston walk-a-thon followed by a grand salami, we might just be able to be in the race at the end.

10:53 AM  

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