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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My Happy Place

What does my Happy Place look like? The M's are playing good baseball, the World Cup is in full-on, crazy-passion mode, the World Series of Poker is underway, and a thin ray of hope shines down on the Rose City on NBA draft day.

1. How 'bout them Mariners? The boys are on a roll, moving past .500 for the first time since it was cool to say, "whaaazzzzzaaaauuuhp" like the guys on the Budweiser commercials. Ichiro is lighting it up, Johjima is hitting the cover off the ball (5 HR in the last week), and Felix is starting to pitch like everyone thought he would. Even Sexson is getting in on the act--8 RBI over the past 4. A word to Mike Hargrove: DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING.

2. If you told me this morning that the Blazers would have both LaMarcus Aldridge and Brandon Roy on their roster AND that Sebastian Telfair would be wearing a different uni next season, I'd have said you're dreaming. This is a Happy Place indeed.

3. The World Cup field is sick, with virtually all the big names reaching the quarterfinals. France made a statement hammering Spain, Argentina looks solid, Brazil appears to have its kinks worked out, and Germany's offense has yet to be stopped. I like Brazil 2-0 over France, Portugal 1-0 versus England, Ukraine on PK's over Italy following a 0-0 draw, and Germany 3-2 against Argentina in a match for the ages.

4. Another happy Mariner note: I picked up Johjima the other day in my fantasy league. The next day, he hit 2 bombs and drove in 5. Did I mention I like my Happy Place?

5. A question completely unrelated to my Happy Place: What were the Sonics thinking about when they drafted Saer Sene with the 10th pick in today's draft? Another big-man project to join Robert Swift and Johan Petro? That ought to make ticket-holders and taxpayers excited about building the Supes a new arena.

6. The World Series of Poker is underway at Harrah's in Las Vegas. Some 8000 players are expected to participate in the main event, still a month and a half away. I can't wait.

7. Speaking of the World Series, props to the Oregon State Beavers for winning the College Baseball edition. People living in California, Arizona, Texas, and Florida now know that coffee snobs and tree huggers play baseball too.


Blogger jholderman said...

As a Portland transplant via Seattle, I too begrudgingly admit that the Blazers had an excellent draft day. The same cannot be said for their I-5 counterparts. The bottomline is yesterday the Blazers looked like a franchise that cares about improving their team and winning back the fans. The Sonics on the other hand looked as though they flipped a coin and couldn't really decide, so why not take Johan Petro, sorry, Saer Senne. In this talent deprived draft, it would have gone a long way for Seattle fans had the Sonics traded up in an attempt to draft B-Roy or even the ugliest basketball player I have ever seen in Morrison. Way to really phone it in on draft day guys.

10:30 AM  
Blogger Small Fish said...

So I was a little off on the World Cup picks...

And the Mariners have been blowing chunks since I posted...

10:46 PM  

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