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Friday, July 21, 2006


There are lots of things happening in Sportstopia making me scratch my head tonight. I wonder...

If Steve Largent will be sporting Sonics gear when the club moves to Oklahoma?
How many points per game BRoy will score next season for Nate's TrailBlazers?
If the real Mariners will please stand up?
If people in Portland will make fun of people in Seattle for not having a pro basketball team?
What the future holds for Zoomstick?
If David Stern is starting to figure out why the NBA is a joke?
If the Seahawks will win a playoff game this coming season?
How soon Jake Locker will be the starting QB for the Washington Huskies?
If Alfonso Soriano in a Mariner uniform is just a pipe dream?
When it comes to stewed prunes, is three enough or are four to many?


Blogger esl said...

I would like help shed some light on your head scratching. So here goes . . .

1. No, Largent will still be wearing green and blue (original style)

2. BRoy = 13pts plus

3. There are no real Mariners anymore

4. Yes they will, but only because someone else told them to

5. The future is what you make of it, sort of . . .

6. If you look around the room and you cannot figure out who the joke is, it is probably you (David are you listening??? 0

7. The Seahawks will . . . win

8. Fall of 2007

9. Do pipes dream??

10. You and Tommy Lasorda? Yeah. I hate Tommy Lasorda!

10:09 PM  
Blogger Small Fish said...

1. Green and blue suits Largent well.

2. BRoy = 13 Points. BRoy + Martell = 25 points. BRoy + Martell + Nate = Priceless.

3. Jamie Moyer is a real Mariner.

4. Yes, me.

5. The future of Zoomstick is what PRW, ESL, NHW, and JAS make of it...sort of.

6. "With the first pick of the NBA draft, the Oklahoma City Cattle Ranchers select Willie Smith, out of Lakeview Middle School..."

7. I want to believe. I so want to believe.

8. Wisdom says fall 2007. Alumni might say differently.

9. Only after a hard day at work.

10. "What kind of name is Puhn anyway?"
"Comanche Indian. Bye."

12:21 PM  
Blogger jas said...

Re: #5 - Small Fish, I'm all for reviving this site.

Probably the main reason I haven't posted much in a long time is, well, because rarely does anyone else. It leaves me with the impression that if articles aren't being posted much, then maybe they aren't being read much either. Also, the only person on this site who even knows who I am is Peter, so I guess that's a reason too.

But all of that said, so what? I'm playing around with the idea of posting regularly again. And if you and I are the only ones who do (or even if I am the only one who does)then I guess we can just make what we want out of this site. And if other contributers join in, great.

So I'll be working on some ideas...

8:53 PM  
Blogger nhw said...

• Sure - Largent’s loyalties are with the Seahawks, not the Sonics
• Between 12 and 15
• The M’s are a .500 +/- a couple of games, Hargrove makes them a 5-10 game below .500 team, so there in lies their issues
• People in Portland may, but the question should be, do people in Seattle care what people in Portland think
• Finding our sea legs in year 2
• If the Hawks can avoid the killer injury, they will win the SB. The defense will be top 5
• The moment he is ready
• A rumor created by a clown on the internet
• Three is a good start, but sometimes 4 are needed

1:39 PM  

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