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Friday, May 27, 2005

Feeling Minnesota

After last night's dismal performance by the M's their record is 18-28. UGGGGGGHHHHHH!! Since it's TFF and I'm feeling Minnesota about what they have accomplished, here are the top five most pathetic things about the M's so far this year:

  1. 46 games into the season the M's record is ONE STINKING game better than last year's.
  2. Out of all the starting pitchers in MLB, Ryan Franklin get the least run support (2.30) per 9 innings.
  3. Rick Rizzs' bubbling bland optimism about the state of club is starting to make sense...Help me Dave Henderson, you're my only hope.
  4. The 7-9 hitters are batting a combined .207 with 4hr.
  5. The promo commercials for this years team are NOT funny.

I know there are some pathetic things that I've left off the list. Feel free to post some comments and get some of the gripes you have off your chest...It may help you cope with the season. GO M'S!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Where is Peachy Carnehan?
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Saturday, May 21, 2005

A Walk Off Isn't Always a Walk Off...

...When it is a sayonara (さよなら) home run. While the Yankees seem to have righted the ship, rattling off a 10 game winning streak, their counterparts in the NPL continue to struggle mightily.

五月二十日東京(May 20th Tokyo) The Tokyo Yomiuri Giants entered play on Friday(金曜日) with a 17-23-1 record, good for last in the Central League and 5 1/2 behind the first place Dragons. Tonight the fans at the Big Egg did not go home disappointed, as Tuffy Rhodes hit a home run in the bottom of the 10th for a 3-2 victory over the Nippon Ham. What we would call a walk off home run is called a sayonara home run in Japanese. Sayonara is Japanese for goodbye. While walk off does create a nice mental picture, sayonara sounds cool too. Goodbye!

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Friday, May 20, 2005

Charles Bulking Up

It's that time of the week again and thanks to the suggestion of Erik "I like my Mountain Dew like I like my women - warm and unadulterated" Lindblad today's TFF list is a compilation of memorable quotes from Mr. Charles Barkley...

  1. "You can't compare preseason to regular season. Preseason is just a way to screw fans out of money."
  2. "He was like the guinea pig for Rogaine for black men." -- Charles Barkley, on Karl Malone.
  3. To Kenny Smith: "What kind of self-respecting man walks around with only $20 bucks on him?"
  4. "We don't need refs, but I guess white guys need something to do."
  5. When Chuck was asked if he'd ever used steroids: "No, never. I've always had to try and lose weight. I've never heard the words, 'Charles, you need to bulk up."
If you enjoy these, check out this site. The guy has an entire blogsite devoted to Charles Barkley and the comical things that come out of his mouth.
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Friday, May 13, 2005

Kareem's in the Wash

Over the years there have been a number of fictional athletes created in the movies. Some of them have been interesting, some have been boring, some have been exceptional, and others have been down right hilarious. Since it's TFF (Top Five Friday), here are my top five cinematic athletes that made me laugh:

1. I.M. Fletcher - Numero uno (or should I say, numero noventa y nueve), hands down Chevy Chase as the scrappy, gritty, do-anything-to-acquire-the-loose-ball-including-bite-you-on-the -arm, playmaking guard for the Los Angeles Lakers. A white guy with a fro...He truly defined grace under pressure. Heck, Kobe Bryant might have made the playoffs if he had been running with the likes of Fletch.

2. Monk - No, not the quirky investigator from USA played by Tony Shalhoub. I'm talking about the outrageous, criminally insane Goalie played by Jason Statham in the movie Mean Machine. If you haven't seen this off-beat soccer flick you might pick it up and enjoy Britain's attempt at The Longest Yard.

3. Carl Spackler - This crowd has gone deadly silent, a Cinderella story outta nowhere. Former greenskeeper and now about to become the masters champion...Bill Murray!

4. Isuro Tanaka - The midseason pick up by the Cleveland Indians in Major League II, Takaaki Ishibashi played the center fielder who taught Pedro Cerrano to play with huevos. Remember when he crashed through the center field wall to make a spectacular catch...that was hilarious.

5. Happy Gilmore - A wanna-be hockey player turned professional golfer with rage issues...ummmmm, enough said. Thank you Adam Sandler for sharing your lunacy with us.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Papermakers and Gorillas?

Reading PRW's last post about nicknames got me thinking about what some of the most classic mascots of all time might be. I wanted to spread the love with between both high school's and colleges. So lets start with the high school.

1. Lincoln (NY) Railsplitters
2. Camas (WA) Papermakers
3. Davenport (WA) Gorillas
4. Blaine (WA) Borderites
5. North Beach (WA) Hyaks

And then there are the colleges.

1. UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs
2. Deleware Blue Hens
3. Vermont Catamounts
4. Wichita State Shockers
5. Georgetown Hoyas

Not an exhoustive list but a fun one none the less.
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Friday, May 06, 2005

Baseball is baseball, right?

On the face of it, baseball in Japan is no different than in the States. Three strikes and your out, 90 feet to first base, 9 innings and so on. Just don't judge this book by its cover.

Baseball's role in Japan's culture is said to be almost spiritual. Players train for hours each day to be perfectly prepared, mirroring the cultural view of working long, hard days. It is this training that leads to the perfection you might observe from イチロー or Hideki Matsui, not flashy, but perfect mechanics.

Visiting team fans, left field please. Since the majority of the teams are in and around Tokyo or Osaka, seeing your team play home games or road games isn't an issue. Because of this, left field is reserved for the fans of the visiting teams. While the outfield does not lack safety like the Bronx Zoo, it is hardly the place to sit back and enjoy the game. It is here that the members of the Oendan おうえんだん reside. The entire section is lead by one or more leaders that will guide the crowd through each players chant, the teams many songs, and scripted cheers. It is three hours of yelling with large flags being waved, or as some describe the fans, very similar to soccer. While you are in the outfield, finding the hotdog might be a challenge, but no worries, as you can enjoy takoyaki.

Teams are allowed up to four foreign players at any time, though many teams do not have the maximum. In addition to the limit of 4, they must be a mix of both pitchers and fielders.

As amazing as it sounds, there is no uniform ball, rather each team is allowed to have their own official ball. Talk about home field advantage, some teams use a smaller ball, others have might have one with an extra tight cover, yet with teams left to their own discretion, no problems have arisen.

Just like the MLB, one league has the DH - Pacific and one doesn't - Central. Every team plays the other five times in their division 27 times for a 135 game schedule. You may recall that most of the teams are around the two major cities. To bring the pastime to the rest of the country, teams play 10-15 home games in other cities. It's a pretty cool thought to imagine the M's hosting a game vs the Yankees in Billings or Boise. Some of the stadiums out in the country may not have field lights or fully functioning scoreboards, but it sure unifies the nation and it's national pastime.

In case three hours of constant yelling, cheering and flag waving aren't enough, games can and do end it a tie. Why? Just like little league, their is a time/inning limit. Either 4 hours or 15 innings, whichever comes first.
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Without Further Adieu

It's Top Five Friday and today I'm thinking about the top five nicknames that have been given to professional athletes down through the years. You may disagree with my choices, but I hope they will at least provoke some reaction and if nothing else some jovial entertainment. So, without further adieu...

  1. Mr. October - When you talk about Clutch performances, Reggie Jackson's name certainly has to be near the top of the list. Besides, he's one of the few players in pinstripes I admire.
  2. Broadway Joe - Joe Namath predicted his team would win the Super Bowl and they did just that...Not bad for a guy in a fur coat and sunglasses.
  3. The Say Hey Kid - What can I say, Willie Mays is probably the best all around baseball player ever. Plus, he didn't have a swollen forehead.
  4. Round Mound of Rebound - Always entertaining, Sir Charles Barkley never lifted weights, ate whatever he felt like, said whatever was on his mind, and never was more impressive than when he threw down a monstrous tom-a-hawk dunk.
  5. Minister of Defense - Ummmm...I just like this name.
Honorable mention: Steve "Bye Bye" Balboni, Joe "Shoeless" Jackson, Vincent "The Fiddler" Askew, Ozzie "The Wizard of Oz" Smith, Rod "He Hate Me" Smart, and Dominique "The Human Highlight Film" Wilkins.
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Preps with Peachy - NBA Draft

In recent years it has become normal for the NBA Draft to have a sprinkling of High School players declare themselves eligible. Gone are the days where it was rare to have thought of playing in the pros at age 18 or 19. The Bill Willougby's, Moses Malone's, and Shawn Kemp's paved the way for the Bryant's, McGrady's and others of the modern era. The NBA higher ups look heavily on potential and are willing to take an 18 year old with a huge upside rather than a 21 year old with 3 years of more coaching and fundametals. To be honest, I don't blame them for looking at it this way. Why not take a flyer on a young kid who may be the next big thing. But isn't it interesting to note, that not one of the so called "next big thing" has yet to carry his team to a championship. Sure Kobe won a title, but it is obvious that he was just riding Shaq's coattails. However, I digress and would like to let Peachy take a look at the top 5 HS who have or will be declaring themselves eligible for this years draft. Peachy . . .

"Blimey is has been a long time since I have gotten a chance to write about sports. The bloody paper I worked for last didn't like me refering to a test match between South Hampton and Glouciester as more confusing than the size of Prince Charles ears . . . Ha - that still gets me. Right ho then back to the subject, preps in the NBA. I have five blokes who I think are ready for the NBA. Let's take a look at each one and let us do it in order of potential. "

1. Gerald Green. Gerald is a 6-8 200lb Small Forward from Texas. His silky smooth game was put on display at this year's McDonalds All-American game. This chaps game is projected to be like that of Tracy McGrady. Gerald is set to attend Oklahoma State this next year. It is projected that he will likely start with the departure of some many seniors from Eddie Sutton's team. His effort and bulk have been a concern of some scouts but his upside is huge. He is a tremendous athlete and a bloody good shooter. Some mock drafts have him going as high as 8th and may have been higher if not for the declaration of Bremerton's own Marvin Williams.

2. Martell Webster. Martell is a 6-7 235 Shooting Guard from Seattle. Martell has signed to play at the Washington and early on was quoted as saying that unless he was the #1 pick that he would stay at the UW. Martell played on the All-Star circuit this spring and had great showings at both the McDonald's game and the Jordan Classic. It was at the Jordan Classic that he came out as saying he may go pro. As of now, he has not declared for the draft, but don't be surpized when he does. His game is like that of a Ray Allen or for those of us older, Glen Rice. His range is unlimited but his downfall is that he relies on that shot of his too much. Is athletic enough to get to the rim and finish. Look for him to be a lottery pick for sure, maybe even as high as 9, but probably 11 or 12.

3. Monta Ellis. Monta (pronounced Mon-tay) is a 6-3 175 Combo guard from Lanier HS in Mississippi. Has committed to Ole Miss but most think he is a given to go pro. A very gifted scorer, averaging almost 40 a game in high school. Scored 72 in a game this year. Can score in a lot of different ways, not just shooting. Monta is able to play above the rim but the risk on him is his size. Not really a 2 guard in the NBA so will probably play the 1. Look for Monta to go late in the 1st round, maybe late teens but probably in the mid 20's somewhere.

4. Louis Williams. Louis is a 6-2 175 Combo guard from Georgia. Louis was the Naismith Trophy High School player of the year. Committed to Georgia but as of yesterday has declared himself eligible to be drafted. Silky smooth player who, like Ellis, will probably have to move to the 1 in the NBA. A very high flyer who has a great set of skills. Look for him, like Ellis, to go late in the first round.

5. CJ Miles. A 6-6 210 Shooting guard from Texas. He has committed to Texas and to my knowledge has not declared for the draft yet. If he does he is most likely to be a late first rounder. CJ can create his own shot and is also adept at setting others up. May have one of the most complete set of skill of this years crop of high schoolers. A product of Skyline HS in Texas, the same school the produced Larry Johnson, look for him to declare soon, or if not make Longhorn fans very happy next year.

All right chaps, that is all for now. Gob Bless the Queen. - Peachy out . . .

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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Good, the Bad, and the Overall...

Here is an interesting and informed evalutation of the M's after the month of April. Enjoy.
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