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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Quick Hits: 3 Missed FG, 2 Wins, and 1 Pathetic D

A brief collection of thoughts from Turkey Weekend, 2005.

1. I'm glad my name isn't Feely. With the NY Giants kicker missing three FG which would have given his team a tough road win, the Seahawks escaped with a victory and remained on top of the NFC at 9-2. Game ball goes to Joe Jurevicius, who hauled in 8 passes for 137 yards and two TD. And his name isn't Feely either.

2. My beloved Washington Huskies finished the football season with two wins. On the positive side, that's a 100% improvement over last year. On the negative side, two wins sucks. Let's hope Jake Locker and J.R. Hasty are the studs everybody seems to think they are.

3. "Go ahead, take the lane." That's what my friends and I used to say to each other when we faced a bad defense in our high school baseketball playing days. Seems like the Sonics were saying this all day Saturday to the New Orleans Hornets. I walked out of Key Arena that afternoon wondering how Speedy Claxton was so good and the Sonics were so bad.

4. How good is the 2005-2006 Husky basketball team? We'll find out December 4, when the Dawgs host Gonzaga in Seattle.

5. How good is Martell Webster? We'll know just as soon as Nate McMillan gives him some meaningful minutes. Looking up and down the Blazers roster, it's hard to imagine there's a better shooter on the team. But Nate is a defense-first kinda guy, so it'll probably be a while before the rookie gets to display his game in the Rose City.

6. Kenji Jojima. This guy can only help the beleaguered Mariners. Maybe he can pitch too...
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Saturday, November 12, 2005

The (Losing) Streak Ends

The Washington Huskies won a Pac 10 football game on the road today. Let the celebration begin...

Coming into this afternoon's contest against a hot Arizona Wildcat team, the Dawgs had lost a whopping 14 Pac 10 games in a row and hadn't won a road game since October 18, 2003. All that ended today when the Huskies spanked the Wildcats 38-14, taking advantage of freshman quarterback Willie Tuitama by picking off three passes and holding the Arizona ground game to just 87 yards. Offensively, Washington was led by James Sims, who racked up 200 yards on the ground and a touchdown.

Make no mistake. This is a huge victory for Tyrone Willingham and Co. Talk around the program, the media, and at other schools had indicated that Washington was a much better team than they were a year ago. But talk is cheap when it comes to wins and losses; today's win helps back up the talk. It also gives the Dawgs a shot of momentum going into the Apple Cup, where a victory over Washington State would mean finishing the season on a winning note. A winning streak would bode well for recruiting and give the program something to build on for next year.
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Friday, November 04, 2005

25 Words or Less

Comments on 5 things I'm thinking about...in 25 words or less. Being brief never felt so good.

HUSKY FOOTBALL. Desperate for a conference win, the losing streak ends against Arizona. In the meantime, the Beavers will run it up against a porous defense.

SONIC BASKETBALL. Players shouldn't be saying, "I don't think everybody is committed to their roles" one game in. That's disconcerting. Nate is already missed.

BLAZER BASKETBALL. This team really stinks. But at least they've got Nate McMillan.

BELLEVUE HS FOOTBALL. Issaquah owns Bellevue. The Eagles have beaten the Wolverines twice in the schools' last three regular season contests.

SEAHAWK FOOTBALL. Next 3 games: At Arizona, St. Louis at home, and at San Francisco. 8-2 looks possible going into a showdown with the Giants.

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