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Monday, April 24, 2006

Fantasy Baseball: Love it or Hate it?

For me, fantasy baseball is both fun and enjoyable, annoying and nauseating. Here's why...

Fun and enjoyable:

1. Following big-league players I otherwise wouldn't give a rat's heiny about is interesting and educational.
2. I laugh when a sucker manager in my league waives a marquee player because he hasn't produced in a couple weeks.
3. Wheeling and dealing to improve my club puts a smile on my face and makes me feel clever.
4. Watching a sleeper pick light it up (ie. Chris Shelton), and watching players I don't like struggle (ie. Barry Bonds) is nice.
5. I love talking trash and competing. It's invigorating.

Annoying and nauseating:

1. Wasting a high draft pick on a guy who gets hurt or doesn't produce makes me want to barf.
2. I feel like screaming when a mediocre team performs better than my team and then I have to listen to its manager talk about how he's an expert.
3. Competing interests: When my beloved Mariners lose, I justify it with a statement like, "At least Jhonny Peralta jacked 2 homers off of Meche."
4. Paying closer attention to stats than standings is a real problem. I don't know what the Phillies record is nor do I care, but I can tell you that both Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley are under-producing right now.
5. Sitting at a computer screen searching for hitters posting big RBI totals is nerdy, not to mention a complete waste of time.

So there you have it. My love-hate relationship with fantasy baseball.
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2A - FNBA Playoff Participants

Below are those who are involved with our little game...

Erik Lindblad: T. Duncan, R. Hamilton, C. Billups, D. Wade, S. Marion

Stefan Lindblad: D. Nowitzki, T. Duncan, C. Billups, R. Hamilton, M. Ginobili

Nathan Watson: L. James, K. Bryant, E. Brand, D. Nowitzki, G. Arenas

Minako: L. James, K. Bryant, S. Nash, T. Parker, V. Carter

Demico Schiff: T. Duncan, D. Nowitzki, D. Wade, C. Billups, R. Hamilton

Joshua Watson: D. Nowitzki, K. Bryant, G. Arenas, E. Brand, S. Cassell

Max Watson: L. James, A. Jamison, D. Nowitzki, K. Bryant, E. Brand

Joe Keller: K. Bryant, L. James, B. Wallace, T. Duncan, D. Wade

Shari Watson: T. Duncan, L. James, S. Nash, S. O'Neal, C. Billups

Larry Watson: T. Duncan, D. Wade, C. Billups, R. Hamilton, R. Wallace

Jack Blaylock: L. James, D. Wade, K. Bryant, M. Ginobili, P. Gasol

Peter Watson: G. Arenas, T. Duncan, C. Billups, D. Wade, D. Nowitzki

Mike McMillan: T. Duncan, T. Parker, C. Billups, R. Hamilton, R. Wallace
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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Second Annual FNBA Playoff Edition

You've been screaming at me to bring this back, so here it is...It's time for the Second Annual FNBA Playoff Edition sponsored by the good folks at ZOOMSTICK. Below are all the instructions you need (with some minor rule changes).

Here are the simplified rules:

1. Select ANY five players from ANY Playoff team.
2. Email them to peterwatson@w-link.net before the start of the Playoffs (4/22/06 12pm)
3. Points are awarded for each rebound collected, shot assisted, and point scored for each and every game your players play and then multiplied by 1.S (S = the seeding of the team the player plays for).
4. ESPN will be the official record for all stats.
5. At the end of the Playoffs, the person with the most points wins!
6. First Prize: The naming rights for Nathan Watson's next offspring.
9. Check back periodically for updates.
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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Recenlty spotted in SeaTac, is he his friend or foe?

Where Does Our Super Hero Call Home?
Hall of Justice
The Legion of Doom
SCS Staff Break Room
Martson Dorm Room 214
Under the 188th Off Ramp in SeaTAc
Free polls from Pollhost.com

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Friday, April 14, 2006

NPB 2.0

The WBC put the world on notice that Japanese baseball is not the stepchild everyone thought it to be.To kick of the 2006 season, here is a great article about the 10 teams.

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Monday, April 10, 2006

I'm Back!

As Zoomstick enters year two, I am back, and to kick off my return, I'll share with you some of my thoughts of my first day when I become dictator.

* Willie Bloomquist - he is only allowed to pinch run, and is banned from the outfield. Seriously, this guy can't hit and he got a 2 year deal?
* Carl Everett - given until May 15th to prove he is productive, if not, he's released
* Mike Hargrove - fired, between his lineups, mismanagement of the bullpen, and lack of creativity, he brings no value, plus I don't care for men wearing bracelets

* Bob Hill - bring him back for 2006-07
* Rashard Lewis - challenge him to be a #2 scorer, and leader, because this guy disappears big time
* Dance team - gone, put the focus back on the players
* 4th Quarter - Pearl Jam's Alive must be played prior to the start of the 4th quarter, some things don't age

* Rookies must either be 21 years old or have played 4 years professionally in Europe. The game is enjoying a slow death by all the kids with 'talent' but no ability to play the game at this level.
* Referees - enforcing all the rules, including palming, traveling, etc

* Replay - calls are reviewed by an official not on the field. Too many calls are not being reversed even though video proves otherwise. This is a process that should take less than 1 minute given all of the camera angles used today.

Other Sports:
* WNBA - banned from TV
* Women Dunking - no one cares
* US Olympic Coverage - NBC, ABC and CBS banned from covering, only option is they are allowed to rebroadcast live CBC feed. What a novel concept, showing the games live, I'm not sure what is dumber, the TV exec's at the networks, or the viewers that tolerate this nonsense.

Real World:
* Constitution - Right to Arm Bears, putting an end to the NRA
* Hair - 30+ single men no longer can advertise their desperation in life by bleaching their hair. Yes we know you are single and have no plan, please don't make it more difficult.
* Mexico - We're building a fence, figure out why folks want to leave
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